What do you know about Ex safety?

Understanding Ex Safety

CompEx qualifications support a broad range of sectors including food and drinks, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, chemicals, utilities and energy.  But do organisations and their staff really understand the basics of Ex safety?


Ex basics

IntroEx is a free to use tool which provides users with an overview of some of the basic principles of explosive atmospheres.

Taking approximately 20 minutes to complete, the content covers the following elements:


  1. What creates a fire or explosion?
  2. Key terms and definitions associated with explosive atmospheres
  3. Common industrial settings where explosive atmospheres may exist
  4. Examples of common ignition sources
  5. Basic introduction of hazardous area classification


What do you know about Explosive Atmospheres?

Check your Ex knowledge with our easy to use awareness tool – IntroEx.  How much do you know about the basic principles of Ex?  Do you know what the risks are?  Do you know the difference between Zone 0 and Zone 2?  These are all straightforward but important Ex questions if you are:


  1. An employer that operates within Ex environments
  2. Employed by an organisation that operates within Ex environments
  3. A manager of staff who work in potentially explosive areas
  4. Non-technical personnel who require an understanding of basic Ex principles
  5. Recently qualified technicians who wish to develop their knowledge prior to undertaking more technical CompEx qualifications


Please note that this module is only intended to provide a brief overview and introduction to some of the key concepts that underpin safe working in hazardous environments. It is provided for information and awareness purposes only and should not be considered or used as an assessment of competence.  



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