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Helpful reminder for logging queries

If you are a training provider and you’re unsure as to the correct procedure for logging queries, or need a quick reminder, please take a look at the guidance below:

What to do if I have receive a query?

First of all you need to identify what type of query it is. Is it operational (e.g. related to the operations of a centre), is it to do with certification or is it related to technical content or assessment delivery.

If it is an operational or a technical/assessment related query then it needs to be logged with Karen Williams, our Customer Care Coordinator. All operational and technical/assessment queries received by centres should be logged with Karen so that they can be managed, recorded and monitored.  Karen is the direct point of contact for all centres and external customers.  It is important to channel these queries through Tracey to ensure they are dealt with effectively and resolved as quickly as possible.

If it is a certification query it can be directed to the CompEx OperationsTeam.

Alternatively, you can also fill in the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.  Here you can choose a topic from the dropdown list and submit comments.  This form is sent directly to and any enquiries are distributed to the relevant departments.

Key contacts:

Operational & technical content / assessment delivery queries:

Karen Williams, CompEx Customer Care Coordinator

Tel: 01978 665410


Janet Edwards, CompEx Operations Manager

Tel: 01978 665410


Certification queries:                 

Rachel Bryan – CompEx Operations Supervisor

Nicole Edge – CompEx Scheme Administrator

Chris Jones – CompEx Scheme Administrator

Dafydd Bateman – CompEx Scheme Administrator

Tel: 01978 665410


General enquiries

Get in touch

If you would like to make an enquiry about the CompEx Scheme or require further information about any of our qualifications, please contact us by completing our enquiry form.

*Please note that all enquiry responses can only be provided in English at this time.


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