Become a training provider

Become a training provider

At CompEx, our licensed training providers are at the centre of helping businesses and their personnel achieve core competency in hazardous working environments. We are proud of our expanding global network of independent training providers, each of which provides valuable workplace safety training to their candidates.

We welcome new training providers to become a part of this crucial network by completing our structured application process. Becoming a licensed CompEx training provider offers a wide range of benefits, including the opportunity to attract new candidates, be a driving force for promoting workplace safety, and deliver essential certified training to industry. Our six-stage application process offers interested training providers the opportunity to become a fully licensed training provider as detailed below.

Stage 1 – Meet the requirements

Interested parties will be sent a copy of the Licence Application Specification which outlines the full requirements necessary to become a licensed CompEx Competency Validation Centre (CCVC).

Stage 2 – Support your application

If you would like to pursue an application to become a licensed CCVC, you must:

  • Provide a written business case to operate a new centre to the CompEx Certification Body
  • Complete form JTL932 (Application to become an approved CompEx centre)
  • Upon receipt of the invoice, pay the appropriate application fee within 30 days

Both the business case and application form (JTL932) should be sent to:

Administration Department
3rd Floor Redwither Tower
Redwither Business Park
Wrexham Industrial Estate
LL13 9XT

Stage 3 – Receive appropriate documentation

On receipt of the application fee, CompEx will process the application and release the relevant Instruction, Installation and Assessment manuals (as appropriate), and the CompEx Quality Manual (JTL 7500) to enable the centre to progress installation of a CompEx facility at the nominated location.

Stage 4 – Prepare your centre for training

The training provider must ensure that the appropriate facilities, personnel and processes are in place. Training providers should fully equip the training facility and prepare course manuals (containing course details, objectives, lesson plans and room locations) sufficient to enable a new member of staff to run the course at short notice.

Training providers must also schedule an initial license application visit in writing with the CompEx Technical Services Manager. Please send requests to

Stage 5 – Pass an inspection

When an initial licence application visit is booked, CompEx will organise an inspection team to visit the training provider. The inspection team will consist of a technical member of the CompEx team assisted by a local user company, or if unavailable, two technical members from CompEx.

If an inspection visit finds improvement work is required before a licence can be granted, CompEx will develop a plan of action for the training provider with areas of improvement outlined to further support them in becoming licenced. A second inspection visit will be required which will be chargeable to the training provider.

Stage 6 – Receive licence approval

A CompEx operating licence will be issued to training providers that successfully complete all six stages of the licence application.

Key requirements

  • Training providers must fulfil the requirements laid out in the License Application Specification and CompEx Operating Manual.
  • Training providers must provide a written business case to the CompEx Certification Body.
  • Application form JTL932 (Application to become an approved CompEx centre) must be completed to apply.
  • The appropriate application fee must be paid by the training provider within 30 days.
  • The training facility must be fully equipped, and the appropriate training materials prepared.
  • An inspection visit must be undertaken to approve the facility or highlight areas of improvement.

Register to become a training provider

Complete this form to begin the process of becoming a fully licensed CompEx training provider.

National and international training providers 

The CompEx Scheme is operated by a network of independent licensed training providers. There are 55 CompEx training providers located in the UK and around the world, with some training providers offering some qualifications in various languages. Instructors and assessors can play a crucial role in joining this valuable network of global licensed centres by completing the CompEx application process.


How to increase unit offering

Training providers can apply to extend their licence and add further qualifications to their offering using form JTL928. It is the responsibility of the training provider to ensure that there are adequate and licensed CompEx instructors and assessors in place to deliver and assess CompEx qualifications. Learn more


Get in touch

If you would like to make an enquiry about the CompEx Scheme or require further information about any of our qualifications, please contact us by completing our enquiry form.

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