Flammable liquids, gases and dusts create potentially explosive atmospheres. Reduce risks and costs, and ensure your employees are CompEx certified.

Manufacturing industries

The manufacturing sector makes up a large proportion of the modern industrialised economy and encompasses the fabrication, processing, and preparation of products from raw materials such as refined metals, minerals, plastics and wood.

In these processes, the presence of flammable liquids, gases and dusts will present a variety of risks. Employees in a manufacturing workplace will require the knowledge provided in CompEx qualifications to control and mitigate such risks, and to ensure the safety of their facilities, themselves and others.

Combustible dust

Although they may appear to be less hazardous, dust accumulations can be a cause for concern in a manufacturing setting. As a result of many machining, cutting and abrasive processes, many solid raw materials produce dust which, if workplace safety measures are not adequately enforced, can be a potential source of explosion. In furniture manufacture, for example, dust from machined wood or MDF may pose both a direct risk and a potential source of secondary explosion if accumulations become entrained in the pressure wave of an initial blast.

Metal powder, such as that used in many modern 3D printing processes based on sintering, can also pose an explosive risk. The finer the powder, the greater the surface area available for oxidation and the faster this reaction can take place. In addition to this explosive risk, powdered metals can also be conductive if present in sufficient concentration, presenting a potential source of ignition from inadequately protected electrical equipment.

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