A reminder that following direct feedback from our Approved Training Providers and Practitioners, we’re making some important updates that will improve candidate’s experience of the Application Design Engineer (Ex12) course. The changes take place on 3rd June 2024.

Changes include:

  • Theory assessments will be delivered online
  • Full question bank review has been undertaken
  • Exam structure has been slightly amended to streamline assessments
  • All associated assessment documentation updated, (including drawings, data sheets and certificates)
  • Introduction of new question formats

To further support your learning and understanding, we have included additional digital resources in the Reference Library on The CompEx Knowledge Hub. New information in the Intrinsic Safety section includes:

  • Users guide to Intrinsic Safety
  • Intrinsic Safety Introduction- YouTube Video
  • Scientific Notation explanation (alternatively known as Engineering Notation or Metric Prefixes ) – YouTube Video
  • Scientific Notation example on a calculator- YouTube Video

To access the new resources, please sign in to the Knowledge Hub.

If you have not yet signed up to the Knowledge Hub, please email leda@compex-cert.com

If you have any further questions regarding the Ex12 changes or resources, please let us know via info@compex-cert.com

Full details are the Ex12 qualification can be found here.