August 2, 2021

JT LIMITED announces name change

JT LIMITED, the company that owns and operates the CompEx Certification Scheme, has formally changed its name to COMPEX CERTIFICATION LIMITED. This change follows approval from the Board of Directors and JTL Trustees.

All other details will remain the same, including the company number (2336110). This means that all existing contractual arrangements with suppliers and partners will continue as there has been no change in the legal entity. Over time all documents, promotional material, websites and so on will be updated to reflect the new entity name.

The name change will make the distinction between JT Limited (as was) and JTL clearer for both internal and external stakeholders. The change will also reinforce the CompEx brand name, aligning the trade mark with the legal entity, particularly important for international markets where trade mark protection is expensive and time consuming to acquire. The name change also includes “Certification” in order to distinguish the core business activity from other organisations and brands, particularly in North America where a well-established consumer product uses the Compex name.

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