January 26, 2021


What do you know about Ex safety?

CompEx launches new knowledge and awareness tool

Certification body, CompEx has developed IntroEx, a new, free digital knowledge and awareness tool to test an individual’s basic understanding of explosive (Ex) atmospheres.

Hosted on our website, the content of IntroEx is freely available to all and suitable for a wide range of users, from employers that operate within Ex environments to non-technical personnel who require an understanding of Ex essentials.

IntroEx provides users with an overview of some of the basic principles of explosive atmospheres and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete. The content covers five elements including ‘What creates a fire or explosion?’ and ‘Examples of common ignition sources’.

Huw Bement, director of CompEx, said: “Although CompEx offers qualifications to support a wide range of sectors and job roles, there is still the question as to how well organisations and their staff understand the basics of Ex safety. It is important for all staff from organisations that operate within these environments to have a basic understanding of Ex. IntroEx has been designed to make it extremely accessible to anyone new to explosive atmospheres. Learners can also use this tool as pre-learning material if they are due to attend a CompEx course.

“The development of IntroEx coincides with our current ‘Get Smart’ campaign which focuses on promoting how our Foundation qualification helps candidates to improve their understanding of Ex safety and regulations. Throughout the new year, we’ll be promoting IntroEx to target new sectors and increase Ex understanding, which in turn we hope will benefit the whole sector.”

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Access the CompEx knowledge and awareness tool.

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