October 26, 2020

Working around fuel forecourts?

You’re safer certified! Stay safe by staying up-to-date with our Ex07-Ex08 Fuel Forecourt qualification

CompEx is reminding electricians of the importance of staying up to date with the latest training and qualifications when working within fuel forecourts.

CompEx has developed the Ex07 – Ex08 qualification in consultation with industry to ensure practicing electricians who work where gases can cause explosive atmospheres within a fuel forecourt, operate competently and safely. The course, which takes five days to complete, combines a mix of practical and online assessments and primarily focuses on the specifications identified in the APEA guidance or the ‘Blue Book’ as it is more commonly referred to, the latest edition of which is edition 4 April 2018.

Huw Bement, director at CompEx, said: “Over the years there have been a number of serious incidents within fuel forecourts, so ensuring worker competence is particularly important due to the devastating consequences which could result if the appropriate installation methods are not followed. While the course closely follows the APEA ‘Blue Book’, many of the topics covered in the Ex07-Ex08 units go into far greater technical detail, giving practicing electricians and employers confidence and expert guidance when operating in the field. We want people to understand that they are safer when certified and offer them peace of mind when working around fuel forecourts.

“As well as encouraging electricians who are currently involved in, or plan to install, maintain and inspect equipment within a fuel forecourt to find out more about the course, we’d also urge operators to be aware of the risks and implications of not working with an appropriately qualified contractor. We’d encourage people to learn more about the course and register interest.”

Candidates who successfully complete the assessment receive a CompEx Certificate in Core Competence covering, preparation and installation of electrical installations at fuel forecourts and inspection, test and maintenance of electrical installations at fuel forecourts. The qualification lasts for five years. Find out more about the course and register your interest here.

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